CADECI-TCT 2020 Scientific Committee kindly invite you to participate on our Annual Conference 12th edition that is going to take place at the Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara from February 19 till March 22 next year with your research abstracts and clinical on the most important Latinamerican Cardiology Forum where you will have the oportunitty to present your academic and science papers to thousands of Mexican and worldwide Cardiologists.

Please send your abstracts and clinical cases exclusively on line from October 7th till December 31st 2019 using the link


Faxes or printed documents will not be accepted. Please read carefully the guidelines before sending your files.

60 abstracts and 60 clinical cases will be selected in order to be published at the Mexican Cardiology Journal.

Abstracts Prizes


  1. Your abstracts should be sent on line exclusively through our webpage www.cadeci.org.mx/records/abstracts on behalf of the principal autor and need to be classified acording to the different categories. Each autor may send more than one abstract and can be co-author in other abstracts. All papers should be writen in English.
  2. The manuscripts should be written in WORD Arial Font 11pt with single space and 2.5 cm margins. No blank lines.
  3. The manuscript structure should include: TITLE, starting with the title description without abreviations with 150 characters (20 words) maximum extension all with bold type capital letters. The author last name, mother´s Maiden name and first name, Institution name and position. The same author may present several manuscripts or can collaborate in other papers.
    Up to 8 (eight) Names of co-authors and institutions must be provided. Please proof your co-authors’ names carefully.
    The program will automatically place an asterisk (*) after the name of each non-member author. Changes will not be made to the spelling of authors’ names after the submission deadline; please proof your co-authors’ names carefully.
    Copyright Policy
    o All authors must assign copyright of the abstract to CADECI.
    Abstract Title
    o The abstract title should be brief and clearly indicate the nature of the abstract.
    o The abstract title must be in title case. Capitalize all nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and subordinate conjunctions (i.e., as, because, although). Except for the first word of the title, lowercase all articles, coordinate conjunctions (i.e., and, or, nor), and prepositions, regardless of length. Also, lowercase “to” when used as an infinitive.
    o Additionally, keep letters lowercase if the lowercase letters have a specific meaning, such as pH or NaCl.
    o Do not put a period at the end of the title.
    o For example: Somatic Mutations in Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome Gene SETBP1 Determine Progression in Myeloid Malignancies
    Use of Product Names
    o Non-proprietary (generic/scientific) names should be used and should be lowercase.
    o If necessary, you may include a proprietary name in parentheses directly following the generic name after its first mention in the body of the abstract; the first letter of the name of a proprietary drug should be capitalized. CADECI reserves the right to replace proprietary names with generic names to adhere to this policy.
    o Use standard abbreviations. Place abbreviations in parentheses immediately after the first mention of a term or phrase; the abbreviation can then be used throughout the abstract.
    Abstract Body, Tables, and Figures
    o Abstracts submitted for the CADECI annual meeting are published in a special issue of Revista Mexicana de Cardiología, will be typeset from the text submitted by the author without copy editing changes. It is the responsibility of the author to proofread the abstract carefully. This includes the author list.
    o The entire body of the abstract, excluding tables, must not exceed 3,800 characters. Spaces are not included in this number. Title, authors’ names, affiliations, figures, and tables are not included in the character count.
    o The abstract may be structured (i.e., abstracts divided into sections using terms such as Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions, etc.) or unstructured.
    o Do not use bold type or underline formatting. Italic type is acceptable.
    o Text may be in multiple paragraphs.
    o Special Greek and mathematical symbols are available in a character map within the submission system. Pay careful attention to superscripts, type case font sizes, and special characters when uploading abstract text.
    o Use numerals to indicate numbers, except when beginning sentences.
    o All tables and figures that you wish to include must be uploaded as a single image file. Do not paste a table directly into the text of the abstract, but rather include it as an image in the appropriate place and use the upload method to submit your abstract. To convert a table to an image, we recommend taking a screenshot of the table. If using a PC, use the Snipping Tool or the Print Screen button. If using a Mac, press Command-Shift-4. An image can also be created by exporting your table in MS WORD to PDF format and then convert the file to an image.
    o Any references should be noted as citations within the text and not as footnotes at the end of the abstract.
  4. The selected abstracts will be presented during CADECI-TCT 2020 and the best abstract will have a plenary sesion scheduled by the Scientific Committee.
  5. The abstracts should only be registered once by the autor, in case that the abstract is presented twice by the same author or other authors, the paper will be discarded.
  6. The Scientific Committee has the right to accept or refuse the submitted abstracts according to the evaluation of the information sent on the summary considering: Innovation, Methodology, Clear Communication, and Relevance. The Scientific Committee will decide date and time of the presentation for the selected abstracts.
  7. Once the abstract is accepted, all communications will be sent to the registered main author e-mail in order to provide date, time and place of the presentation. The main author will receive free registration to CADECI-TCT 2020.
  8. The accepted abstracts received before December 31st, 2019 will be presented at CADECI-TCT 2019 and published on Revista Mexicana de Cardiología special issue.
  9. Only one oficial CADECI-TCT 2020 certificate will be awarded for each abstract including the TITLE, MAIN AUTHOR NAME and CO-AUTHOR´S NAMES. The information included in the certificate will be exactly the same provided by the autor/co-author´s so we recommend to carefully review it before sending your abstract since it is not going to be possible apply further changes to the received papers.
  10. All unexpected affairs and liasiasons will be settled by the CADECI-TCT Scientific Committee.

If you need additional information please contact us by mail direccion@cadeci.org.mx or by phone +52 33 30 70 30 56, we will gladly assist you for any doubts or further orientation.